Our Story

Water. It all started with water. A luxury to us, a necessity to others. California has been impacted with a drought for almost a year, and our parents told us we have to conserve water. Shorter showers, less maintenance of our yards, and no car washes was the policy. A drought causes so much trouble for us in first world countries. Imagine for those without even basic access to water. How can we stand by without taking action? How do we let families go without water for days? Trying to emulate these circumstances inspired us to create Project Aqua.

A group of high school students shared a mutual feeling of how lack of water affected other less privileged countries. We have all grown up in a bubble in which we aren’t able to see the world for what it truly is. Of course, examples of problems are things we only see on TV or in inspirational videos. But we have never been able to experience a reality for children our age on the other side of the world, and we have allowed the media to portray a false image in our minds. It is not until you step out of the bubble that you see families shielding themselves in cold rain on sidewalks with nothing but blankets. It is times like these that a rope at the bottom of our heart is pulled. Instead of just staring at the poor family dragging their feet on the sidewalk, we decided to take action.

We somehow had to quench the thirst of dying people outside of the bubble. Meetings were held, ideas were taken, arguments arose, but we were still focused towards our goal. One of the best ways to save their lives is to build wells, hand pumps, and reservoirs, so that the whole community could benefit from a single water source.

Today, we step outside of that bubble. We want to give that family the water they need. We want them to survive. We want them to be strong. We want to give them HOPE.