In 2015, we hope to:
● Educate others about the needs for wells in Pakistan as well as other third world countries.We want to spread awareness about the prominence of this issue.
● Learn more about the water issues, and plan a way to effectively raise and spend money.
● Build 20 wells/handpumps in Pakistan through money earned from various fundraisers, in collaboration with HOPE NGO.
● Organize fundraiser in late 2015 that can help raise money and awareness for our cause.

In 2016, we hope to:

● Get youth involved by planning fundraisers that they would enjoy.
● Use various bake sales for ways to earn money.
● Build 50 wells/handpumps in Pakistan, and hold 2 major fundraisers.
● Expand into schools via a dedicated club and attract a new student audience

In 2017, we hope to:

● Become independent - we want to make Project Aqua a separate organization that partners with HOPE NGO.
● Create Project Aqua presentations to take to different schools in order to educate children and teenagers about the topic and get them involved
● Build 80 wells/handpumps in Pakistan, and host 3 major fundraisers.
● Visit a third world country to gain a first hand experience on the process of the pump installment and how we are impacting people’s lives.