Our Cause

Struggle. Living in San Ramon, many of us have probably never felt struggle. While we take a drink of water literally anytime we want, people in other impoverished areas such as Pakistan have to struggle to get only couple gallons of water for a week. As the drought started to become increasingly severe in California, families were beginning to feel the struggle associated with water restriction. No longer able to use water as much as we used to, we started to empathize the struggle faced across the world with the same problem.

What Project Aqua does is display this empathy by acting upon it. We raise money, and completely invest that money on hand pumps and wells for the needy. We work non stop to plan our fundraisers, and our expeditions to help the less fortunate. We don’t waste a second, a penny, or a drop of water to save a person’s life.

With your time and effort, we can change the life of a thirsty human being. Our cause isn’t just to save a human life: it’s to give hope to humanity.